Every aspect of customer delight. All in one brilliant solution.

Delight more customers

Freshdesk and Freshchat help you provide effortless, expert customer service across every channel your customers use.

Convert more leads

Freshmarketer makes it easy to personalize multichannel marketing campaigns and turn interest into action.

Close more deals

Freshsales gets you to the dotted line faster with AI-powered insights that help grow revenue.


Make every revenue target, sooner

Freshsales leverages customer data in ways that help you personalize engagement, shorten the sales cycle, and focus on the leads most likely to sign on the dotted line. All automated, and powered by brilliant AI-driven insights.


Make every engagement meaningful

Freshmarketer is a multichannel, conversational CRM that makes it easy to get a 360° view of your customer, and build personalized, contextual experiences that turn “that’s interesting” into “that’s so me” effectively, predictably, and repeatedly.


Make every agent a customer champion

Freshdesk simplifies every customer service experience, helping you solve customer inquiries faster and provide highly personalized service. Intelligent automation and workflows eliminate low-value tasks.


Make every conversation intelligent

Freshchat unifies all your customer conversations in one unified inbox and helps deliver self-service through no-code easy-to-build chatbots on your website, in-app, and across channels (email, WhatsApp, SMS, and more).