Network Performance Management

Unified network performance visibility for proactive monitoring and troubleshooting.

Gain cross-domain visibility, network forensics, and business insights across hybrid IT environment

What is Network Performance Management?

Network Performance Management (NPM) is the process of monitoring IT networks to ensure optimal performance and availability of the applications that run on them. NPM tools collect and analyze key network performance metrics such as bandwidth utilization, packet loss, and latency. With this data, NetOps teams can identify and troubleshoot problems, optimize network resources, and ensure the network is performing as expected.

Understand the impact your network performance has on business

Alluvio Network Performance Management makes it easy to monitor, troubleshoot, and analyze what’s happening across your hybrid network environment. With end-to-end visibility and actionable insights, you can quickly and proactively resolve any network-based performance issues. Alluvio unified NPM collects all packets, all flows, all device metrics, all the time, across all environments -cloud, virtual, and on-prem, providing enterprise-wide, business-centric monitoring of critical business initiatives.

Benefits of Unified Network Performance Management