Craft Silicon

1. Bankers Realm core banking solution

Bankers Realm is a solution based on centralised architecture. It runs on a windows based environment which is used by many banks hence, making it a friendly solution which is easy to deploy, run and integrate with other business channels. It provides true benefits of automation because of the inherent design approach.

2. Bankers Realm Microfinance solution

Craft Silicon's BR Core Microfinance Solution (BR MFS) is a financial solution for the operations of microfinance and co-operative unions. Its structure and logical design allows for easy integration with other switch solutions with network connections that allow the use of alternate channels.

3. Bankers Realm investment management solution

The Bankers Realm Investment Management Solution (BRIMS) is a powerful end-to-end investment management and collective administration suite built to empower investment professionals in making sound decisions in the quickest time possible.