Core HR & payroll

Use our Core HR module to create and maintain complete digital employee records and get rid of all those spreadsheets. Model HR & Payroll, online software, including 20 local country payroll legislation packs across Africa.

Subscription based; is subscription based and is available online. All you need is a browser!

Configuration rules; company specific rules are easily configurable within solution and defines these rules during the onboarding phase, and maintains changes on request.

Software as a service; offers all advantages of a SaaS platform. We handle the underlying systems and software as well as maintenance and upgrades. The most innovative trends are continuously and seamlessly incorporated into the solution.

HR solution features
  • Centralized repository for all worker data
  • Organization details & charts, position and supervisory hierarchy
  • Job, Position and grade dictionaries
  • Capture staff data, including personal identity, address, family and dependents, previous employment, education e.t.c.
  • Leave Management (Employees enter leave online and requests are routed to line managers and HR)
  • Time Management (Capture time either through employee timesheets or import attendance data from your biometric system)
  • Performance Management.
The core HR solution offers a complete performance management solution:
  • HR professionals define the yearly performance plan, including goal setting and appraisal periods, appraisal form content, key practices (quadrants) and questionnaires.
  • Supervisors set performance meetings (goal setting, appraisal or review) and invite collaborators.
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